My Bio

        After getting a BA in      chemistry at St. Olaf College, a masters in economics and mathematics, PhD in economics at the U of Colorado and various professorships, I became a TV photographer/reporter. 

Now that I'm now retired from TV news, I'm focused on still photography.

Besides this site, I sell my photos at my new art gallery in Las Cruces: Mesquite Art Gallery

and I will continue to sell at 

    Gallery 4 in Fargo.
    * Gallery 4

Mel Stone
     My favorite links:
I seldom go to these sites... instead I listen to their podcasts:

Lenswork, a great B&W photo magazine... thoughtful podcasts;

This Week In Photography, discussion of equipment & technique;

Studio 360, the motto is
“where art and real life collide”... ‘nuf said;

iTunes: a rich source of video tutorials;

NAPP (National Assn. of Photoshop Professionals)... a source of tutorials and I get free shipping from B&H.